Tamper evident packaging tape


SecuratapeTM is a range of tamper evident security tape or void tape. Made in England, these high quality products offer a cost effective security solution, for high value or sensitive goods. Ideally used to seal throwaway packaging, such as cardboard boxes, cartons, Jiffy bags, envelopes and even plastic bags or shrink wrap.


Tamper proof  tape


  • 4 x standard, off the shelf versions. 
  • Blue and Red, 'high visibility', versions feature a sub surface 'security' message and highly visible void message upon removal.
  • Both of the above offer the option of perforations at set lengths to allow tear off sections.
  • Brown version looks like standard packaging tape with void message upon removal. Available with optional sequential numbers and perforations.
  • All versions use high tack adhesive.   


  • Cardboard box seals. 
  • Carton seals.
  • Jiffy bag & envelope seals.
  • Secure document seals. 
  • Plastic bag seals.
  • Evidence seals.
  • Exam paper seals.


  • To suit different sealing requirements.
  • Suitable for both deterrent and detection, it allows  for a quick visual integrity check from a distance.
  • This allows the option of using individual tear off seals, encouraging economy.
  • Suitable for more discreet security, sequential numbering aids identification and verification. Perforation encourages economy.
  • Transfers void message to carton surface.

Bespoke Options 

  • Colour choice.
  • Custom printing.
  • Roll width/length.
  • Sequential numbering. 
  • Thermochromic inks.
  • Covert identifiers.
  • Perforation and perforation distance.


Stock product specification:-

50mm width x 50 metres length.
Polypropylene tape
Blue : Sub surface 'security' message with high visibility 'void opened' message revealed when tape is removed. Available with or without perforations every 152.4mm.
Red : Sub surface 'security' message with high visibility 'void opened' message revealed when tape is removed. Available with or without perforations 
Brown : Plain appearance, with  'void opened' message revealed when tape is removed. (Optional sub surface sequential numbering
& perforations every 152.4mm).

H/S : Sub surface 'security seal' message with high visibility 'void opened' message revealed when tape is removed. This high security version has unique, sub surface, sequential numbers with perforations every 152.4mm.
Standard versions are packed in 
boxes of 20 rolls, except for plain brown  in boxes of 24

Dry conditions between 10-20ºC (50-68ºF), out of direct sunlight.

Made in England

Made in England

Warning: This product, transfers the void message to the application surface, with a high tack adhesive and is therefore unsuitable for use on reusable items.
tamper proof tape

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As we have no control over the application and conditions our products are used in. we maintain it is the responsibility of the end user to determine that this is the correct product to suit your requirements. To that end we offer free samples and telephone guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.