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Categories is the 'e trading' name of Tamper Evidence Ltd, a company incorporated in England & Wales. Trading since 2009 our aim is to provide an independent source of information and supply of tamper evident security seals, security labels, asset labels and complimentary products and services.

As a small company with fewer overheads, we offer the benefits of efficient customer service with competitive pricing.

We offer a wide range of commonly used stock product, available quickly and simply via e'commerce, whilst providing free consultation (with the benefit of past experience advising field based security professionals) and rapid quotations for bespoke options where required.


Broadly speaking our products are all about the provision of tamper evidence.

They provide quick visual evidence of either tampering or the unauthorised opening of a door, package, void space, etc.

Generally most products are sequentially numbered with bespoke options available such as custom printing, bar-coding, UV sensitive printing, hologram laminates etc.

Whilst stock product will always be available we would recommend customisation for additional security.

Post Brexit Update

A combination of factors including Brexit and the Covid Pandemic, have led to unusual disruption in the global supply chain. As a truly independent specialist supplier, we believe we offer additional flexibility, in that we are able to source equivalent alternative products from our many manufacturing partners, if any specific requirement is in short supply.

Need to check stocks or ask for advice ? 

Drop us a quick line for a rapid response via [email protected] or via our contact page.

Security seals

These are plastic or metal, pulltight & fixed length seals, often used in the transport & logistics sector to secure trailers, containers etc, they can also be used to seal ballot boxes, cash boxes, distribution cages, property and mail room bags etc.

Security labels

Otherwise known as self adhesive or surface mount security seals, or void labels, typically used by airline and airport security professionals to seal doors and hatches, they are often seen as a simple but effective aid to the provision of public security at high profile venues and events. There are variations in the type of adhesive and method of tamper evidence to suit most applications encountered. They can be used as both deterrent and detection in loss prevention, brand protection and quality assurance.

Asset labels

Also known as asset identification labels. These labels are used by facilities or IT management for example, to provide (in conjunction with bar coding) a secure audit trail of assets. By their nature they should not be moved once applied and are therefore constructed using permanent adhesive and destructible or fragmentable material.

Security holograms

High quality, dot matrix, stock and custom security holograms at affordable prices with low minimum order quantities. Protect your brand, protect your reputation.

Special purpose

This category covers other tamper evident security solutions such as re- useable heavy duty, tamper evident bags, pouches, envelopes, padlock seals and clear plastic containers. – simple security solutions.

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