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(Barrier security seals provide high level of security).

Variable length....

(Flexible, pull tight security seals for a variety of applications).

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(Quick & simple, fixed loop security seals).


Padlock seals

(Low cost security seals, alternatives to conventional locks).


Tamper evident security seals are used by security professionals, local government, and facilities management in many industries. Typically used as a cost effective aid to the security of high value and sensitive goods, they are often used to secure buildings, property, cargo, ballot boxes, cash in transit etc. There are two main types of such seal i.e. ‘barrier seals’ and ‘indicative seals’. Whilst both provide quick visual evidence of tampering, barrier seals are designed to provide higher security in that they are more difficult to remove. All stock product is sequentially numbered unless otherwise notified. The range offered above is carefully chosen for it's consistent quality and stock availability. However if you have a specific requirement not displayed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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security seals UK