Asset identification labels


(Tamper evident, asset labels).

Asset-tack HDTM 

(Heavy duty, laser etched, asset labels).

Stock Labels

(Numbered, bar coded, heavy duty, in small quantities).


Are you looking for tamper evident void labels ?

Asset labels or asset identification labels are a property marking solution to mark and identify company property. They are typically printed with sequential numbering and bar coding and used in conjunction with bar code readers and software to provide a rapidly updated and accurate register of company assets. Information held in such registers may include, location, operator name, warranty status, service record etc. By their nature they should not be easily removed to be applied to other assets and to that end we recommend and provide above, a simplified range using destructible or frangible label stock. However if you have other requirements such as metallic labels, vinyl labels, hologram labels, unique identifiers etc, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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tamper resistant asset identification labels