Custom Hologram Labels

Custom Holograms
Custom Hologram Labels

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Tamper Evidence Ltd, are proud to offer high quality, dot matrix, tamper evident, custom security holograms at an affordable price with low minimum order quantities.

Brand loyalty

Typically used as the foremost method of unique identification for high value or sensitive goods, holograms are used to provide brand protection, reassure the consumer and encourage brand loyalty. However their high cost has previously been prohibitive to all but the largest corporations. Now we can offer these products at quantities and pricing that will appeal to many small to medium sized companies

Anti counterfeit

These high quality, dot matrix holograms, made specifically for you, incorporate a range of overt and covert security features making forgery virtually impossible. They can also be used as anti counterfeit measures in identity cards, security passes, event tickets etc. Save your brand - save your reputation.

Features & benefits.

Tamper evident labels

 Hologram labels by their very nature should not be easily moved. Our standard 36 micron label with 'honeycomb' void pattern, cannot be removed without evidence and destruction of the hologram.

Wide colour range

Our labels are available in a range of nine substrate colours giving an attractive difference to your hologram increasing its security.

Dot matrix holograms

High definition dot matrix holograms are far more advanced than traditional 2D/3D holograms, allowing a range of both overt and covert security features, making them virtually impossible to copy.

Cost effective

Our keen prices and low minimum order quantities, will allow cost effective access to product security and authenticity, thereby, increasing value.

Design & samples

 Our solution is design based to create striking, eye catching holograms. We supply two versions of artwork for your approval free of charge and with no obligation. Upon receipt of your order and artwork approval, we send pre-production photo's of the finished hologram master, prior to the final production run.


We offer a range of options such as size and shape, presentation in sheet or roll form, transparent laser serial numbering, void label version and non tamper evident version to suit most applications. We can even offer to quote for holographic shrink sleeves, scratch cards, hot stamping foils, HRI transparent labels, E-beam holograms etc. Where necessary we can also arrange for IHMA registration of your custom hologram for additional brand protection. However if your budget is restricted, we can also offer low cost labels using generic hologram foils.

These are high quality security hologram labels, why not Request a sample ? 

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Custom Hologram label
Customised hologram label
custom hologram labels
Customised hologram labels
Tamper evident hologram label


What are the different types of security hologram ?

1. 2D/3D - The most common type of hologram currently available uses older technology with fewer security elements making it easier to copy. It is visually less striking than dot matrix and usually only available in silver.

2. Dot Matrix - Our recommendation, this type of hologram technology is far more advanced using specialised equipment, making forgery difficult & expensive. It provides very high definition, enabling a range of covert and overt security features.

3. E-Beam - or electron beam lithography utilises the latest technology and highly sophisticated equipment to provide all of the dot matrix characteristics plus covert animation effects. As such it is far more expensive and typically only viewed as cost effective when the highest security is demanded, for very large quantities of labels. – simple security solutions.

custom hologram labels