Reusable security bags

A range of re-useable, heavy duty, tamper evident, bags, pouches & envelopes all of which are antimicrobial. Designed for the secure distribution & management of sensitive documents, goods or valuables. All products are made to order in the UK and use a tamper evident zip locking mechanism, secured with either plain or sequentially numbered, button security seals.

Handmade in England
Made in England

These heavy duty, reusable, antimicrobial, PVC security bags, envelopes pouches and holdalls, used in conjunction with colour coded or sequentially numbered button security seals are made to order here in the UK and are ideal for protection and security of goods/documents etc in transit, with the following applications:-

Sensitive documents. Cash, cheques, credit cards etc. Forensic evidence. Confiscated property. Medical records, samples, drugs. Gaming/casino. Banking. Key control.

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Note* if you wish to purchase several different types of product from the above range, please contact us to arrange a quote to include a consolidated carriage charge. As these products are made to order, please allow up to 5-7 working days for delivery.

We can also supply custom printed or even custom made bags. Contact us now with your requirements. – simple security solutions.

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